Five Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Memorial Day

Most of us consider Memorial Day as a day to remember the sacrifices of those who gave their lives in the service of the United States. Not to mention a fun three-day weekend of memorial day traditions, the unofficial start of summer, and typically a good time to snag a sale on a new mattress!Continue reading “Five Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Memorial Day”

How To Display Your Christmas Cards

As Christmas draws near, you’ll likely begin to receive more and more Christmas cards from your friends and family. While receiving holiday cards from loved ones is one of the highlights of the season, the question remains—what should you do with your cards once you’ve received them and read the message inside? Of course, youContinue reading “How To Display Your Christmas Cards”

The Etiquette of Keeping in Touch

In today’s digital world keeping in touch is easier than ever before. From texting to FaceTime to commenting on a loved one’s social media post, we can keep those dearest to us only a click away. While these communication methods may be the easiest, there is still something special about selecting a particular greeting cardContinue reading “The Etiquette of Keeping in Touch”

The History of Fall Holidays

There is certainly no shortage of Fall holidays in the United States. For this article, we will focus on the history of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall is a magical time of year, and these two holidays never fail to bring friends and family together to celebrate and simply enjoy one another.  Let’s jump right inContinue reading “The History of Fall Holidays”